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Collaborations in context of University, School, or similar.

For me it is a wholely enriching task, to work with scholars, students, and people of different age and backgrounds.

WOLKENMEER - exterior build, building workshop within one week in May 2023, active around 1-2 years

Creating an infopoint for Kinder Kunst Labor St. Pölten, right beside the construction site of their new building.

In collaboration with the neighboring school, Kinder Kunst Labor St. Pölten, initiated a three months design process and contest between five very interesting projects of students of the class interior architecture and 3-dimensional design at New Design University in St. Pölten. This led to this final winning project created by Hanna Beck-Tiefenbach and Sara Mayer.

It climaxed into a one-week-building-workshop with 20 scholars of the neighboring school, 10 students of NDU. I accompanied the projects with wood-construction advices and then planned and organized the workshop for the winning project WOLKENMEER. We use original scaffolding (used on construction sites), to create benches, tables, roofs in varying shapes.

Credits: design and concept: Sara Mayer and Hanna Beck-Tiefenbach, project management: Carolin Riedelsberger (Kinder Kunst Labor), Tutors: Hannah Aufschnaiter and Manuel Weilguny (New Design University), coordination, planning and workshop direction: Andreas Radlinger

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