"Diamond Princess Titanic"

At HAUS Wien art fair 2020

Turning a very tiny, old toilet-booth in Simmering, Vienna into an "Covid-19-ORACLE-booth" was a great pleasure! Thanks letting me assist with producing the installation for this screening at HAUS Vienna art fair with Mika Maruyama, Mai Endo and Stepanie Misa.
Curators: Mika Maruyama and Mai Endo (Multiple Spirits), Stephanie Misa

Exhibition: "When it Waxes and Wanes"

Here I was asked to produce a free-standing wooden framework for presenting the poster and textile print of Mai Endo.

Link: https://www.vbkoe.org/2020/01/19/when-it-waxes-and-wanes/?lang=en

With: Mai Endo, Dew Kim aka HornyHoneydew, Ontayama, Fuyuhiko Takata, Simo Kellokumpu in collaboration with Vincent Roumagnac, and Nao Yazawa, Rosa Wiesauer
Curator: Multiple Spirits – Mika Maruyama
Designer: Aki Namba

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