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Further projects of 2022 to be uploaded soon...

Oaken bed with Wiener Geflecht, March/April 2022

Originally we wanted to do a workshop with building this bed, anyway, in the end I built it and Keighley and Thomas are happy with it I think. Sweet dreams...

Open wall shelf and white cabinet with niche, 3m height, Jan/Feb 2022

All modulized, the open shelf is devideable in three single commodes, and the white cabinet got a powder-pink-painted niche for addidional space for cushions, blankets, etc.. Materials: birchwood MPX, oiled or laquered.

Room-devider, foldable to left wall

It devides kitchen and living space. Made of birch wood MPX, with additional wheels.

LADDER and fall protection board

Made of pine wood for an existing platform-bed of a client. Pictures of the ladder still coming..