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Let me know what furniture/object you are dreaming of.

Reach out to me, I can help!

Tennis Center Arsenal - reception, 2022

After the old reception was removed, I installed a row of new cabinets in the back, and a reception front with a office table and a wall to wall front made of glass windows - and sliding doors above the table.

The color got a slight tint of sand, the table a very dark gray, the inside of the cabinets is of oiled pine plywood.


The green built-In cabinet, 2022

All fronts in a chalc-green varnish and all insides made of nature pine wood, oiled.

The clients wanted a furniture with lots storage and capable of doing some other things. Such as a whole compartment to the right for storing the cleaning equipmet and large things like the ladder, the two drawers, the look through design inside, grip grooves, the integrated existing door to the left..

MDF shelf (built-in), 2022

Made completely of 19mm MDF plates.

For a vinyl player and a storage for wood logs underneath.

Long Coat Hangers for a Seminar Space, 2022

Made of solid oak wood, this nearly 3m long, slim coat hangers can hold plenty!

The oak ist reinforced with flat-steel bars on the back (you dont see that in the pictures).

The corners of the wood connections are made with each, 8 dowels for maximum strength.