LADDER and fall protection board

Made of pine wood for an existing platform-bed of a client. Pictures of the ladder still coming..

BATHROOM FURNITURE, plus a double-sided MIRROR

Built those simple but nice white bathroom furnitures and a double-sided mirror, whos held only at one long side and with an additional arm on top.

CAMPER MICRO BUILD for a VW golf rabbit

Sometimes it doesn´t need much to change something! Same her. I was asked to create a plain level for sitting and sleeping thats also foldable and easy to unmantle.

It´s made from relatively thin birch-wood (but reinforced underneath), to put mattresses, cushions, sleepung bags on top, and it also got a little storage buffer underneath. We decided to make it flat and simple to have as much as possible sitting space above. Thanks!

BED in purple color, for two tatami mats

Made from spruce-wood, colored in purple-brown, oiled, disassemblable* (is this a word?;)

White upper-storages for an old kitchen

A functional white storage with lots of space.

Accoustic door, interior window, accoustic panels

I built an additional door, frame, window and also applied some accoustic panels for a walk-in cabinet/bedroom.

Spruce-wood white laquered, birch multiplex with white oil or oil.


Colored from massive maple-wood into nut-wood, 6 drawers with individual designed hand-grooves and the corners of the main body with a box-joints (Fingerzinken) connection. Drawers made of MDF, laquered black.


Mobile white commode on wheels, three main drawers, one hidden internal drawer. All made from MDF and laquered white.

Reception table, two washstands, cabinets, bathroom panels

For a cosmetic practice I produced some individual furniture

2020, in 1010 Vienna

A white bunk bed

Built for a 3-year old, think she loves it:)

Kitchen RE-installation from 1975

Rebuilt of an old Coop Himmelblau "softline" kitchen from the year 1975.