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Production and design for: exhibition, installation, requisites, film-sets, etc.

Write me if you need someone to plan and produce your concept!

The Working Body As An Archive "Looks Like She´s In The Pink" video production, January 2021 be updated with pics of the shooting soon..

Curation and project by Veronika Burger (c)

Set-design, set-production: Andreas Radlinger


At Nakanojo Biennale 2021

How is work inscribed in our body? Which work gestures have we inherited over generations in our body? Which movements, works are apparently inscribed in our bodies? Within the background of women's invisible labor, Veronika Burger researches how gestures of work are inscribed in the female body. The body as archive itself becomes a performance stage: a generational archive of gestures.
by Veronika Burger (c)

Draft, 3d, setdesign: Andreas Radlinger

"Diamond Princess Titanic"

At HAUS Wien art fair 2020

Turning a very tiny, old toilet-booth in Simmering, Vienna into an "Covid-19-ORACLE-booth" was a great pleasure! Thanks letting me assist with producing the installation for this screening at HAUS Vienna art fair with Mika Maruyama, Mai Endo and Stepanie Misa.
Curators: Mika Maruyama and Mai Endo (Multiple Spirits), Stephanie Misa

Exhibition: "When it Waxes and Wanes"

Here I was asked to produce a free-standing wooden framework for presenting the poster and textile print of Mai Endo.


With: Mai Endo, Dew Kim aka HornyHoneydew, Ontayama, Fuyuhiko Takata, Simo Kellokumpu in collaboration with Vincent Roumagnac, and Nao Yazawa, Rosa Wiesauer
Curator: Multiple Spirits – Mika Maruyama
Designer: Aki Namba