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You desire a specific object/installation/prop? We´ll find a solution how it can be done!

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Skillzboard, summer 2022

A board for training at home, one can secure themselves with ropes and carabiners - there are also three extra stong metal threads fixed inside for suspending exercises. Something for boulder- and climbing lovers!

Client: Karsten E.

Built: Andreas Radlinger

2 Tapestry Looms, identical, for 3m carpets, spring 2022

Again accepted the challenge to build TWO full working, disassembable, and adjustable tapestry loom systems (for weaving carpets and similar things like that). Some neat details. All parts of the system are in massive oak-wood and clear-oiled.

Client: D.H.

Design, built: Andreas Radlinger

Radio Station For Rotes Kreuz, spring 2022

I was asked to produce a moderation station for a kids radio of Rotes Kreuz Österreich. All technical devices are internal, and three-five screens will be mounted on top. Many cute details there! Painted in three rounds of waterbased laquer, color middle grey.

Client: Paul Sihorsch, Rotes Kreuz Österreich

Design, built: Andreas Radlinger

"Transport Box For Ceramics" 2021

Client: T.B.

Built: Andreas Radlinger